Who We Help

Who We Help

Trouble sleeping? You are not alone.

Nearly 100 million Americans have trouble sleeping several nights per week, and about 30 million suffer from insomnia. SleepSTAR, the most effective solution on the market, is here to help.

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Who SleepSTAR Helps

Chronic Insomnia and other sleep difficulties

If suffering from insomnia has taken its toll on your life by deteriorating your physical and emotional health and left you with a general sense of hopelessness, then SleepSTAR is your solution.

Do situations such as work overload, bad relationships, chronic pain, and financial woes impact your ability to sleep well?  Poor sleeping patterns impact your quality of life, performance and health over time. With SleepSTAR, you will be able to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep, no matter what's going on in your life.

Sleep Apnea - If you have a CPAP machine, and have difficulty sleeping, SleepSTAR can rapidly improve adjustment to the machine and quality of sleep.

Restless Leg - If you have Restless Leg Syndrome and can't sleep, SleepSTAR can help you rapidly improve your sleep.

Night shift or jet lag keeping you from doing your job?

Sleep challenges such as shift work and traveling across multiple time zones can be resolved easily and naturally using SleepSTAR.

SleepSTAR helps sleep deprived workers

  • Adjust their biological clock
  • Improve sleep quality: decrease time to fall asleep, reduce undesired awakenings, and longer sleep duration
  • Improve job performance by increasing mindfulness and cognitive functioning

Is fatigue a problem for your team?

Sleep difficulties impair cognitive functioning leading to poor job performance, accidents, errors and numerous health issues, costing US companies an estimated $4.6K per employee*.

Ensure peaceful sleep for your employees while maximizing daytime mindfulness and preventing fatigue related accidents thanks to SleepSTAR

What SleepSTAR can do for your team

  • Reduce costly errors and accidents
  • Reduce healthcare costs and absenteeism
  • Increase productivity and worker morale

Trouble sticking with your weight loss program?

Numerous studies have shown that sleep difficulties disrupt fat metabolism, hormone balance, and the body’s natural ability to stabilize weight.

SleepSTAR helps you lose weight by:

  • Improving sleep quality: decrease time to fall asleep, reduce undesired awakenings, and longer sleep duration
  • Poor sleep increases cravings for sweets and high fat foods while impairing the individual’s ability to control these cravings
  • Sleep problems adversely affects weight program compliance due to a decrease in cognitive functioning and mindfulness
  • Insomnia is correlated with a higher incidence of depression or other mental disorders, which makes weight loss nearly impossible
  • Too little sleep decreases the individual’s energy level while impairing their ability to exercise and follow through with a healthful routine

Quality sleep facilitates successful alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation

Insomnia and lack of quality sleep is a main hidden reason for reduced treatment compliance and failure.

SleepSTAR enhances sleep quality and recovery

  • Almost all rehabilitation patients have moderate to severe sleep difficulties
  • Insomnia adversely affects program compliance, causing inability to focus on learning and integrating the components of the program into their life
  • Insomnia impairs control of impulses and cravings
  • Insomnia adversely affects individuals ability to effectively manage their activities of daily living (to cope with everyday stresses)
  • Insomnia is positively correlated with relapses*

Stop feeling sick and tired and start feeling alive!

Insomnia and lack of quality sleep adversely affects the body’s ability to heal and achieve wellness.

SleepSTAR helps you achieve wellness

  • Quality sleep is necessary for wellness and energy balance
  • Insomnia is correlated with a higher incidence of stress, which negatively impacts wellness
  • Insomnia delays healing and increases the risk of other health issues. Studies show lack of adequate sleep increases risk for obesity, hypertension, diabetes, strokes, depression, burn-out, dementia, and prevents wellness
  • Over 50% of all medical visits for treatment of a chronic conditions and pain are associated with insomnia

What actual users have to say

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Lisa B. Somerville, MA - "SleepSTAR was very helpful in getting me to fall asleep quickly, & stay awake longer. Even when I did wake (normal, with my medical conditions), it was easier to fall back to sleep."

Tara M. Houma, LA - "as a longstanding insomnia sufferer, I've spent money on doctors, therapists, and medication, and I was still only sleeping 4-5 hours a night, and now with SleepSTAR, I fall asleep quickly and sleep 7-8 hours a night"

Diana A. Hoboken, NJ - "It taught me to relax more before bed and clear my mind cloud."

Michael D. Houston, TX - "I can actually help myself relax. SleepSTAR has definitely given me a lot more energy.  I'm doing a lot more."

Crystal G. Pass Christian, MS - "SleepSTAR helped me sleep much better teaching me simple but effective techniques for resting my mind.  I really had no idea prior to these exercises how to quiet my thoughts"

Tamiesha R. Terrytown, LA - "It's like a weight's been lifted off of me.  SleepSTAR changed my life.  It's like a savior to me."

Ginger H. Texas - "I'm getting a better night's sleep, and falling asleep more quickly. My husband enjoys my company more now, and my kids get more out of me!"

Barbara P. Miami Beach, FL  - "It soothed me at the end of the day when my mind was racing and enabled me to let go of my thoughts."

Gitanjali C. Texas - “I started feeling the smallest things now and having fun in the simplest things. Life is enjoyable now!”